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What’s the Best Way to Pay for an HVAC System?

Okay, you’ve found the right air conditioner for your home. If you think that selecting a unit and figuring out the right size, capacity, brand, and all that stuff has not overwhelmed you enough, you’re in for a bigger surprise. As it often turns out for many buyers, getting an air conditioner takes more than choosing from a catalogue or picking one out of shelves. With money hard to come by nowadays, how you’re going to pay for the unit comes out as the biggest thing to think about. Money-wise, this boils down to one single question: What are your best payment options for an HVAC system? The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you have some budget to spare or not, the fact remains that an air conditioner is a major purchase. And so, whether you’re replacing your air conditioner or augmenting the existing one, you’ll find out that [...]

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner in Miami?

Air conditioning as being synonymous to comfort couldn’t be more true in a sunbelt city like Miami. Located in one of the hottest and most humid states in the country, it is hard to imagine the place rising to what it is today without air conditioners. Like the rest of Florida, the eventual growth of the Sunshine State was practically ushered by the introduction of air conditioners sometime in the 60s. With a new means to survive the scorching heat, the place became more habitable than ever, leading to a surge in population. With a greater demand for air conditioning, the high utility bills become a natural concern for Miamian households. In fact, Florida currently is in the top 5 of those states that consume the largest amount of energy. But then again, no matter the cost of energy, the cost of air conditioning takes much of the family’s monthly [...]

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How Does Ductless Multi-zone Cooling and Heating Work?

Are there rooms in your home that always gets too hot or too cold despite your use of a heating or cooling solution? Do you get frustrated with incessant cranking of the thermostat up and down because everyone in your family prefers a different temperature? If these problems make you wish that you can have a better way to control your indoor climate, then you’re not alone. Having hot spots and cold spots at home has long been a common HVAC issue that many households in the country are aching to solve. The worst part is, using supplemental HVAC systems is not a surefire solution. At the very least, they only boost your comfort level up to a point. But no mistake about it, if there’s anything that you can truly expect from this recourse is higher energy bills. As is commonly practiced, homeowners resort to either just ignoring the [...]

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Troubleshooting Tips for Ductless Air Conditioners

When your ductless AC stops working, what would you do? Will you know when it just needs a little fix or it’s time to give it the boot? Will you be able to do a simple check and troubleshooting? Say it’s the peak of Summer. It’s midmorning and you’re in a sun-draped car park, just fresh out of the grocery. You’re sweating profusely. No, you’re melting. You can almost feel the hot air burning your skin. With the heat outside at feverish level, you thought you might as well cook those freshly bought eggs on the sidewalk. And as soon as you jumped into the driver’s seat, you began thinking about dousing yourself off with iced water. Or bathing with it even. And then you took off. Fast. Other errands be damned. You’re homebound; badly looking forward to crank your AC down to the coolest temp possible that it can [...]

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Best Way to Cool Your Pool House?

Cooling a pool house presents challenges due to the nature of the structure itself, the condition inside the room, and the architectural limitations. While you can install any system, you will realize that there are certain aspects that need to be considered to achieve your expectations in terms of flexibility, performance, and efficiency. Finding the right cooling solution for your pool house will give you the right comfort that you deserve at a very reasonable energy-costs. Things to Keep in Mind One thing to take note is the fact your pool house is not a large indoor pool facility, so it doesn’t need any large, highly sophisticated, centralized HVAC system to handle the cooling or heating needs. Before you start looking for an air conditioner, you need to figure out first what you really need. And when we say “need,” it means your general comfort and cost-saving expectations from the [...]

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Ductless Mini Split for Your Home Office

People’s work lives are changing, and as flexible working schedule, home-based business, and telecommuting emerge as among the biggest trends among professional workers over the years, it’s not surprising at all that home office has become more valuable than ever—a necessary home amenity that we all expect to be as conducive for work as possible. And when we’re talking about a comfortable home office, we’re not simply describing a cozy, well-organized work area propped with all of the stuff we need to do our business. It means having a space where we can stay as long as we need to and churn out things as smoothly as we can without being stressed out by any type of uncomfortable climate inside. Because let’s face it, if you happen to have a home office, it’s most likely a room that is originally designed for other purpose other than being a truly livable [...]

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Why Ductless Air Conditioner is the Best AC Options for Your Basement

Are you trying to convert your basement into a new, comfortable living space but stymied by installation limitations? Are you struggling with uncertainty over the right cooling and heating system to use? Keep in mind that any system that you will decide to install in your basement will have an impact on your comfort and budget in the long-term. Despite the plethora of options, the most excellent choice to effectively cool and heat your basement is a ductless mini split system. With ductless mini split, you will have a system that can provide you with the exact comfort that you need, high energy-savings, total control over the temperature inside your basement, and complete convenience and peace of mind. This article explains why. Basement Cooling and Heating Challenges Air conditioning a basement poses some challenges which are actually inherent given the nature of such type of space. Being below-ground, basements can [...]

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Best Air Conditioner for Your Attic, Why Ductless is Your Best Bet

With so much premium placed on spaces, attic conversion took off as a home remodeling fad. But as has long been attested by many homeowners, the most recognizable challenges that hinder the full maximization of this space is air conditioning. Whilst before an attic is mostly used as a convenient storage area, it has now taken new significance in the light of importance placed on having an extra space home that can be utilized for any type of room addition. Essentially, the change in lifestyle and the rising value of an additional household space in real property and home improvement markets has quickly nudged the transformation of attic into a valuable commodity and an essential source of space for any type of square footage expansion. And so, whether you’re remodeling or renovating the house, attic conversion will be worth the try and expense. The truth is, an attic that’s perfectly [...]

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Ways to Gauge the Health of Your AC

Do you dread the thought of having to endure the sweltering heat during Summer because your air conditioner breaks down? Do you want to avoid the hefty costs that go with AC repair or system replacement? There is little doubt that your air conditioner plays a critical role in keeping you extra comfortable. And so there’s nothing’s worse than having a broken AC just when you need it most. And just when the money is tight. And while most folks can quickly scramble for the right solution, very few have enough sense to nip that distressing, costly AC failure in the bud. To save you a lot of discomfort and money in the long run, your AC needs a proactive you. And knowing the different ways to gauge the health of your AC is one of the best things to start. Ways to Know if Your AC Already Needs a [...]

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COP – Why is it Important?

Your cooling and heating system normally account for much of your energy consumption at home. The amount of energy that you consume has a great impact on your electricity bills. So when you’re buying a new system, consider the fact that the efficiency level of the unit that you purchased will determine the amount of money that you’re going to lose or save in the long-term. All air conditioners and heat pumps come with specific energy-efficiency ratings. These help you measure, calculate, and determine the energy-efficiency of the unit. One of these energy-efficiency performance ratings is the so-called Coefficient of Performance (COP). In formula, the Coeffient of Performance is the ratio of the power output to the power input of the system. It could be written as:   One thing to remember is that the Coefficient Performance helps you determine the efficiency of a system, especially if you’re purchasing a [...]

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