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Ductless Heating & Cooling Options for Multi-Level Homes or Businesses

As of May 2018, MarketsandMarkets projected the international ductless air conditioner market at $78.62 billion with an 8 percent compounded annual growth rate through 2021. In layman’s terms, this says the market for ductless HVAC systems is exploding and will continue to explode for the immediate future. There is a reason for this meteoric rise; more and more people are recognizing the multitude of benefits of ductless HVAC technology.   Regardless of your HVAC needs or desires, ductless mini-split systems are perfect in almost any situation. However, they are especially ideal for heating and cooling residential or commercial buildings with multiple levels. Their multi-zone capabilities give you complete control over the temperature of each room individually! At ComfortUp, we have trained product specialists ready to handle any questions you may have. We are knowledgeable about all the top industry brands, such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and more. Read below to learn more [...]

Tips on Choosing the Right Room to Install Your Ductless Air Conditioner

For some household appliances, choosing their location is fairly simple and requires little to no extra thought. You obviously want your television in the living room or primary area where you gather and socialize. Cooking appliances such as an oven and refrigerator belong in the kitchen, and your desk and computer belong in your home office where you retreat to work and focus without distraction. One appliance that requires more placement thought is your ductless air conditioner.  Ductless air conditioners work wonders in heating and cooling your home, but there are many varying factors when considering their location. A ductless air conditioner has a variety of unique benefits for each room in your home, so deciding where to install one is no easy task. Luckily, ComfortUp has a team of product specialists ready to help! Read below to learn more about choosing the right room for your ductless air conditioner. [...]

How to Prep for the Installation of Your Mini-Split A/C Unit

After the torrential spring rains, most people love to take advantage of the early days of summer. However, many get tired of the heat and humidity as summer drags on. Come late July and August, the temperatures are skyrocketing and you find yourself looking for more ways to beat the heat rather than take advantage of it. One surefire way to beat the heat is by simply staying inside and relaxing in the air conditioning. At ComfortUp, we have a variety of mini-split air conditioner units to choose from. Mini-splits can cool your home in an efficient manner and are highly recommended to those looking for a new air conditioner. However, you must be prepared for their installation. Read below to learn more about preparing for the installation of your mini-split! Why Should I Choose a Mini-Split? Mini-split air conditioners are a reliable way to cool your home, and their [...]

Four Benefits of Using Carbontec Heating

Even though it has been around for centuries, radiant heating is sweeping the nation as a “new” way to efficiently heat and cool your home. In short, it uses infrared heating to heat the objects in the room rather than the air in the room. The heat from the objects, walls and ceiling is then transferred to the occupants in the room to equalize their temperature and thermal comfort, which is your body’s assessment of the external environment’s temperature. Carbontec is the industry’s gold standard for radiant heating with a variety of advantages over its competitors. Read below to learn more about the many benefits of Carbontec heating. Efficiency One of the main benefits of Carbontec is its high level of efficiency relative to other heating and cooling methods. Carbontec’s heating efficiency is 2.5-3 times faster than conventional systems, such as gas-powered models. Central HVAC systems with comprehensive ductwork are [...]

Single-Zone vs. Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems: Understanding the Difference

In some households, there is a constant war waged over control of the thermostat. If one member of the house prefers it cold and another prefers it warm, there is often back and forth adjusting of the thermostat behind the other’s back. Not only does this put the temperature of the house in flux, but it also leads to constant bickering and disagreement. If this sounds like your home, consider the ductless mini split as a heating/cooling option. There are single and multi-zone systems which allow you to control the temperature in one room without affecting the other, plus a variety of other benefits! Read below to learn more about the difference between single and multi-zone mini split systems. What Are Mini Splits? Ductless mini splits are an innovative and efficient way to heat and cool your home. As their name implies, they do not require the extensive ductwork of [...]

Carbontec 101: All You Need to Know About Radiant Heating

Due to its overwhelming size, people often said the sun never set on the Roman Empire. However, this is technically incorrect, as the Roman Empire saw its fair share of cold and darkness. Without modern technology, the Roman citizens somehow had to heat their homes during the long cold nights and winter months. That is why they invented the first floor heating system. This technology has come a long way since the days of Caesar, and there are now many modern options for radiant heating. One of the best radiant heating brands on the market today is Carbontec. They utilize state of the art technology to heat your home in an efficient manner. At ComfortUp, we have a team of trained product specialists ready to help with all your Carbontec radiant heating questions and needs. Read below to learn more about Carbontec and radiant heating. What Is Radiant Heating? Carbontec [...]

Mini Split Systems for Beginners: Essential Care & Maintenance Tips

Everybody has something they want to change leading up to the summer. Some join the gym and diet to change their physical appearances. The intense weight workouts and long miles on the treadmill coupled with a stricter diet allow people to shed any weight gained over the winter. Other people spend the spring outside maintaining their garden and gardening to change the aesthetic of their yard for the summer. Come June, they want to have beautiful plants to look at and maybe even fresh fruit or vegetables to eat.  An often overlooked element of change leading up to the summer involves your home’s air conditioner. An outdated central HVAC system or inefficient window unit will not do an adequate job of keeping your home cool in the wake of sweltering summer heat. Luckily, we’re here to help! There is a “new” air conditioner technology sweeping the nation—the ductless mini split! [...]

Tips on Prepping Your Ductless Air Conditioner for Summer

Homeowners have a variety of different tasks to complete in preparation for the warmer summer months. The tops come off convertibles and pools while heavy winter clothes are stashed away in the closet to accumulate dust for months. However, one often forgotten element of summer preparation is your ductless air conditioner. There are certain steps you must take to prepare your air conditioner for heavy use this summer. At ComfortUp, we have a team of a team of friendly and helpful representatives. Read below to learn more about ductless air conditioners and ensure your home remains cool this summer! What Are Ductless Air Conditioners? Ductless air conditioners operate differently from conventional central air systems, and they are a great and efficient alternative to heat and cool your home. One way they differ from conventional central air systems is they do not require ducts, as their name implies. Ducted air conditioner [...]

Product Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why We Love Gree Mini Split Systems

Recently, the popularity of mini split air conditioners has increased in the United States. They are the norm in European and Asian domiciles, but Americans are just now coming around and realizing their many benefits. Many reputable companies already offer mini-split systems, but some stand out from the pack for their efficiency, versatility, and more. Already an industry standard in HVAC technology, Gree mini-split systems stand head and shoulders above the competition. We sell a variety of Gree products at ComfortUp, such as their top-of-the-line mini splits! Our team of professionally trained and certified HVAC technicians can handle any installation, maintenance, and service work related to your Gree mini split system. Read below to find out five main reasons we love Gree Mini Split systems, then schedule an appointment today! Increased Efficiency One of the main reasons we love Gree mini splits is their high levels of efficiency. Gree mini [...]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Ductless Air Conditioner

When it comes to making your home as comfortable as it could possibly be, the temperature is a massive consideration. In order for you to enjoy your space, it needs to be properly heated in the winter and cooled in the summer or you’ll find yourself uncomfortable a good portion of the time. While most cold-climate homes are equipped with heating, many homeowners go without air conditioning when the temps are sweltering. This is a quandary for many since a properly cooled home equates to better sleep, improved focus, and overall better quality of life. A ductless air conditioning system may be the answer. Is a Ductless System Right for Me? Ductless air conditioners, also known as mini-split systems and ductless systems, are often installed as alternatives to typical central air systems (which require ducts) in homes where there is no installed ductwork. Typically, this means older homes that were [...]