Building the Perfect Man Cave

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Building the Perfect Man Cave

Seven tips to help you have your own little oasis

If you have a small house or a big family – or both – things are probably pretty crowded in your home. If the only time you can really find any solitude is when you’re in the bathroom, you need a change. Creating your own man cave could be an excellent solution, and these tips will help you build it:

Pick the location

Even if don’t have a ton of room in your house, you should still be able to carve out a little of it for your man cave. This could include using your basement, attic, or garage. If none of those are doable, get creative. Maybe you have an old shed that could work. Even a sizable closet could act as a mini-man cave.

Decide how you want to use it

What do you want your man cave for? Will it be a place to go to relax? Do you want it to be fun? Maybe it’s a spot for you to work on a hobby? While it doesn’t have to be for one thing or have a specific theme, you also don’t want it to just be another space in your home. Narrowing down your focus can make it a special place.

Think about insulation and/or soundproofing

If you’ll be using your basement or attic, chances neither have great insulation. If you intend to use your man cave year-round, you’ll want to fix this. Soundproofing is another thing you may need to think about, and you can address both areas with the right type of insulation and acoustic paneling.

Keep it cool (or warm)

Because man caves are often repurposed attics, basements, or garages, climate control is often a problem. In the summer, they can become unbearably hot; wintertime brings frigid temperatures. And if you’re converting any space (especially one that needs the walls to be finished) adding HVAC should be part of the infrastructure – not something you think about after you’ve picked out your couch and foosball table.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution: a ductless mini split system.

Instead of paying a lot of money to have new ductwork added to your home, a mini-split system can make sure your man cave has the ideal climate. Plus, you only need to use it when the room is occupied, which saves additional money.

Figure out what you need

Once you’ve gotten the first three things covered, it is time to fill out your space. If it’s a place to relax, you’ll want to bring in some comfy furniture. If you have decided to create your own cinema, you need to think about a big TV or screen, and perhaps some theater-like seating. A game room will, of course, need some games. Depending on the size you have to work with, this could include a pool table or foosball table. Even just a video game system may be all you need to find your happy place.

Don’t forget the little things

To truly create a great man cave you (and perhaps your friends) will be eager to spend time in, there are some areas you don’t want to forget, such as lighting. If all you have are a couple of hanging bulbs, you need an upgrade. Your sound system is another important area. Whether for a TV show, movies, music, or video games, great sound is a marquee item.

Add some finishing touches

Once you’ve got everything set up, there might still be something you’re forgetting: the walls. Even if you have brought in excellent games or state-of-the-art equipment, you don’t want to leave the walls bare. You probably have some pictures or other items that will look good in your man cave, but there are tons of ideas to think about that will add character and differentiate it from the rest of the house.

And while decorations are key – their importance pales in comparison to making sure your new man-cave is comfortable all year long with the right heating and cooling.

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