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How Does a Mini-Split Work?

Ductless air conditioners, otherwise known as ductless mini-split systems, are gaining big popularity in the HVAC world, and for good reason. Offering ultra-efficient, ultra-flexible whole-house cooling and heating, these systems bring impressive temperature control to homes where this would have once been a massive challenge, such as those homes which were not built with the ductwork required in forced-air systems. Since they’re more efficient and offer room-by-room temperature control, many modern homeowners have begun replacing their clunky, inefficient central air with these low-maintenance, adaptable units. If you’re considering making the switch to ductless, it helps if you know a little bit about how they work to see if this is the best option for your home, budget, and needs. ComfortUp is here to help you understand everything there is to know about going ductless. The Components of a Mini-Split System Each ductless mini-split system is comprised of two primary parts: [...]

8 Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

Need to cool down your space? As you’re weighing your options, you’ll discover that ductless cooling is a surprisingly viable option for many homes. No matter if you’re introducing cooling to a home without an existing system or are looking for smart, new ways to make your home more efficient, taking a good look at the latest cutting-edge ductless air conditioner systems will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the main benefits of ductless air conditioning: 1. Adaptable: They Require No Ductwork – The biggest advantage of ductless air conditioning is the most obvious: it doesn’t require installation of complex, costly ducts associated with typical whole-home cooling. This makes permanent space cooling systems possible in homes that were built before ductwork became the norm. It also eliminates many of the energy efficiencies associated with regular ducts. 2. Adjustable: They Offer Room-by-Room Cooling Control – Another massive pro [...]

What’s the Best Way to Pay for an HVAC System?

Okay, you’ve found the right air conditioner for your home. If you think that selecting a unit and figuring out the right size, capacity, brand, and all that stuff has not overwhelmed you enough, you’re in for a bigger surprise. As it often turns out for many buyers, getting an air conditioner takes more than choosing from a catalogue or picking one out of shelves. With money hard to come by nowadays, how you’re going to pay for the unit comes out as the biggest thing to think about. Money-wise, this boils down to one single question: What are your best payment options for an HVAC system? The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you have some budget to spare or not, the fact remains that an air conditioner is a major purchase. And so, whether you’re replacing your air conditioner or augmenting the existing one, you’ll find out that [...]

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner in Miami?

Air conditioning as being synonymous to comfort couldn’t be more true in a sunbelt city like Miami. Located in one of the hottest and most humid states in the country, it is hard to imagine the place rising to what it is today without air conditioners. Like the rest of Florida, the eventual growth of the Sunshine State was practically ushered by the introduction of air conditioners sometime in the 60s. With a new means to survive the scorching heat, the place became more habitable than ever, leading to a surge in population. With a greater demand for air conditioning, the high utility bills become a natural concern for Miamian households. In fact, Florida currently is in the top 5 of those states that consume the largest amount of energy. But then again, no matter the cost of energy, the cost of air conditioning takes much of the family’s monthly [...]

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Best Way to Cool Your Pool House?

Cooling a pool house presents challenges due to the nature of the structure itself, the condition inside the room, and the architectural limitations. While you can install any system, you will realize that there are certain aspects that need to be considered to achieve your expectations in terms of flexibility, performance, and efficiency. Finding the right cooling solution for your pool house will give you the right comfort that you deserve at a very reasonable energy-costs. Things to Keep in Mind One thing to take note is the fact your pool house is not a large indoor pool facility, so it doesn’t need any large, highly sophisticated, centralized HVAC system to handle the cooling or heating needs. Before you start looking for an air conditioner, you need to figure out first what you really need. And when we say “need,” it means your general comfort and cost-saving expectations from the [...]

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Ductless Mini Split for Your Home Office

People’s work lives are changing, and as flexible working schedule, home-based business, and telecommuting emerge as among the biggest trends among professional workers over the years, it’s not surprising at all that home office has become more valuable than ever—a necessary home amenity that we all expect to be as conducive for work as possible. And when we’re talking about a comfortable home office, we’re not simply describing a cozy, well-organized work area propped with all of the stuff we need to do our business. It means having a space where we can stay as long as we need to and churn out things as smoothly as we can without being stressed out by any type of uncomfortable climate inside. Because let’s face it, if you happen to have a home office, it’s most likely a room that is originally designed for other purpose other than being a truly livable [...]

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Ways to Gauge the Health of Your AC

Do you dread the thought of having to endure the sweltering heat during Summer because your air conditioner breaks down? Do you want to avoid the hefty costs that go with AC repair or system replacement? There is little doubt that your air conditioner plays a critical role in keeping you extra comfortable. And so there’s nothing’s worse than having a broken AC just when you need it most. And just when the money is tight. And while most folks can quickly scramble for the right solution, very few have enough sense to nip that distressing, costly AC failure in the bud. To save you a lot of discomfort and money in the long run, your AC needs a proactive you. And knowing the different ways to gauge the health of your AC is one of the best things to start. Ways to Know if Your AC Already Needs a [...]

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Quietest Air Conditioner Options

We came to accept that air conditioners are naturally noisy. Or should they? At some point, if you own a decade-old air conditioner, you’d have already many types of noises that your system makes: clanking, rattling, banging, buzzing, hissing, chattering, clicking, squealing humming, thumping, bubbling, screeching, vibrating, and screaming sounds. You can’t imagine how many kinds of noise an air conditioner can make. It’s pretty crazy. But we just shrug off this noise like we don’t hear it all. We get used to it. But here’s the truth: air conditioners, when in operation, naturally make sounds; but they’re definitely not supposed to make noise. Noise is an unwanted sound, and abnormal noise often means that a unit has a problem. It doesn’t matter how loud. Because something, for sure, is wrong somewhere. But while you can do something about the noise, you can never control the sound. All window air [...]

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Window Air Conditioners With Heat

Let’s face it, a window air conditioner has been practically everyone’s go-to cooling system at home. In fact, it remains so even to this day when newer air conditioning solutions are already available. But how many times have you had to fix your window air conditioner for the summer only to haul it back to storage when the season changed? And how many times did you fret about prepping your home for winter so you would not get caught in a frigid zone? Yes, a window air conditioner is compact, low-cost, easy to install, and works decently enough to give us the exact cooling comfort that we need. But conventional window ACs are only just that—a system for cooling. And for a long time, we have been using separate systems just to stay warm and cool at home. That being said, how many times before have you wished that your [...]

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Cheap Window Air Conditioners?

Sometimes, choosing the right system is not always about viability or preference. In the real world, our choices over products are also mostly influenced by costs. Take central air conditioning, for instance. There are times when even if it’s structurally possible, it’s just doesn’t feel right for us, financially. So, when you’re in dire need to beat the heat but a ducted system is hardly an option, what would you do? When choosing central air conditioner or any type of a costly system is a tough proposition, going for the window air conditioner is your best option. Why? Because sticking to the most basic, the simplest, and the most available is oftentimes the smartest choice. And window air conditioners are no exception—they are proven, familiar system. And very affordable.   How Affordable is a Window Air Conditioner? To give you a better grasp how cheap a window air conditioner is, [...]

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