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Window Air Conditioners With Heat

Let’s face it, a window air conditioner has been practically everyone’s go-to cooling system at home. In fact, it remains so even to this day when newer air conditioning solutions are already available. But how many times have you had to fix your window air conditioner for the summer only to haul it back to storage when the season changed? And how many times did you fret about prepping your home for winter so you would not get caught in a frigid zone? Yes, a window air conditioner is compact, low-cost, easy to install, and works decently enough to give us the exact cooling comfort that we need. But conventional window ACs are only just that—a system for cooling. And for a long time, we have been using separate systems just to stay warm and cool at home. That being said, how many times before have you wished that your [...]

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Cheap Window Air Conditioners?

Sometimes, choosing the right system is not always about viability or preference. In the real world, our choices over products are also mostly influenced by costs. Take central air conditioning, for instance. There are times when even if it’s structurally possible, it’s just doesn’t feel right for us, financially. So, when you’re in dire need to beat the heat but a ducted system is hardly an option, what would you do? When choosing central air conditioner or any type of a costly system is a tough proposition, going for the window air conditioner is your best option. Why? Because sticking to the most basic, the simplest, and the most available is oftentimes the smartest choice. And window air conditioners are no exception—they are proven, familiar system. And very affordable.   How Affordable is a Window Air Conditioner? To give you a better grasp how cheap a window air conditioner is, [...]

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Ductless Air Conditioner for Apartments and Condos

Is ductless mini split system ideal for multi-family housing units like condominiums and apartments? If you are a property manager in-charge of a multi-unit residential property, how many times have you had to mightily handle complaints because the building temperature is not warm or cool enough for everyone? When thermal discomfort makes for dissatisfied tenants, no amount of customer savviness can bail you out amidst collective grumble, with barrage of demands upsetting you in many ways imaginable. Whether you like it or not, you’re going sweat it out until you find a way to keep the temperature right and balance. If you’re an apartment-dweller or a condo occupant, how many times have you had to deal with poor quality of indoor temperature as well as skyrocketing energy bills due to inefficient, energy-hogging cooling and heating system? When the condominium or apartment building where you live has poorly designed HVAC system [...]

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Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Option?

Whether summer or winter, you know that it’s hard to take chances with an old, unreliable AC. So, if you’re out shopping for a replacement, getting the right type of system that perfectly fits your application and budget should be your main consideration. Obviously, if you don’t need a major overhaul of your HVAC system, a central air conditioning system is out of the question. Neither is a portable unit a good choice when what you need is a more powerful cooling solution. If this is the case, let’s say that your best choice would be a room air conditioning unit. A room air conditioner is a single-zone cooling solution, which means it is specifically designed for cooling an individual room. The most common room air conditioners are wall air conditioner and window air conditioner. As its name suggests, a window air conditioner is typically installed in a window with a [...]

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Best Air Conditioner Units for Hotels?

When they stay in a hotel, what do you think travelers across the globe prefer the most? Good room service? Nope. Swimming pool? Nay. Breakfast? Probably. In-room Wi-Fi? Could be. Guess what? If you’re a hotelier or involve in any way to hotel or hospitality management, then here’s a gem of advice: You might have to start paying a little more attention to your establishment’s air conditioning system. That is, of course, if the Trip Barometer study on travel trends last year by popular travel site Trip Advisor is any indication. The survey has taken note of the amenity that guests would want to have the most in a hotel. At least 63% of 44,000 survey respondents said that air conditioning is the top “must-have” once they checked in. These respondents consist of travelers and people involve in the hotel industry across the globe Okay, AC comfort is a deal-breaker [...]

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Single Room Air Conditioners, Which One is Best?

Is there a room in your house that you don’t use too often because it’s either too hot or too cold? Or do you have a room inside your home that doesn’t get warm or cold enough? If your answer is no to each of these questions, then lucky you. But if you answer yes because you can relate to these situations, then you know how bad it is and how worse it could get. What you grapple with are hot and cold spot issues, and you’re not alone trying to tackle this problem. Despite the amazing ways that air conditioners do to keep us warm or cool inside our homes, it seems always never enough. While our conventional comfort solutions, like a centralized AC system, work great to condition our indoor spaces and make us feel comfortable, there will always be a room that gets hotter or colder than [...]

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How Much Does a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Cost?

When buying a high-value item like an air conditioner, price will always be a major influencing factor. As it is true with most of your purchases, cost will definitely matter as well if you’re planning to buy a ductless mini split system. Thus, the big question is: How much would it cost you to own a ductless mini split air conditioner? Before we get into the details, here is a quick breakdown of potential ductless ac costs. If you’ll choose to install a 25 SEER, 1-ton Gree Terra Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump with a rated capacity of 12,000 BTU. Take note that this refers to a single-zone configuration in a room with a square footage of 400 - 650 feet. Estimated Cost Breakdown Item & Description Capacity/Quantity Price Total Price System/Unit: GRE TERRA Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 1:1 System 12,000 [...]

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Gree Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Reviews

Developed in the 1970s, a ductless mini split system, as a spot cooling solution, has evolved in so many ways, but it is a system with so much groundbreaking potentials that it remains one of the very few highly significant innovations in air conditioning technology. Today it continues to create huge impact in the way air conditioners are developed. With air conditioners widely attributed as one of the technologies with the biggest environmental impact, ductless mini split impresses as the “new thing,” staying aligned with the evolving needs and changing lifestyle and, not surprisingly, emerging as one of the core examples of “better systems” that seem to break limitations posed by many unique AC applications and challenges. It is within this backdrop—in effective tackling of air conditioning constraints—that Gree, one of the industry leaders in air conditioning technologies sits atop as authority, innovating and producing some of the best ductless [...]

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Grow Room Air Conditioner, Your Best Option

When it comes to grow rooms, two of the most challenging issues for growers are fluctuating temperature and humidity. As a controlled environment, a grow room has to have the right climate inside to make sure that the plants thrive perfectly and grow as naturally as possible. So, what does this mean? Plants, basically, need adequate temperature and indoor humidity. When managing the climate inside your grow room, it is very important to consider these two factors. One thing that you should remember, however, is that the temperature and humidity that your cannabis plants will be subject to inside your grow room will depend on the weather in the particular region where you live. While you can have many options to resolve the climate issues that are associated with a grow room, using ductless mini split brings you many advantages that you can’t get from other systems. In this article, you [...]

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Air Conditioner for Your Sunroom

No doubt about it, a sunroom is a wonderful addition to your home. With the additional square footage, it boosts your home’s value, provides a new, functional space for your family, and more importantly, it is a great place to enjoy the wonderful feel of outdoors while you’re safely tucked up inside your home. But there’s a caveat. Sunrooms often have uneven temperature; and worst, you have no control over it. Best AC for Your Sunroom Central Air Conditioner Window Air Conditioner Portable Air Conditioner Ductless Mini Split Systems Can be built in with rest of home Easy Installation Transferable from place to place Easy Install Requires new duct work No Ducts Needed Needs to be vented No Ducts Needed Part of existing system Perfect for one room heating Ideal for single event cooling Cooling & Heating Run up energy costs Affordable option Inexpensive option Best Value No separate climate [...]

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