Ductless Mini Splits 101

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Building the Perfect Man Cave

Seven tips to help you have your own little oasis If you have a small house or a big family – or both – things are probably pretty crowded in your home. If the only time you can really find any solitude is when you’re in the bathroom, you need a change. Creating your own man cave could be an excellent solution, and these tips will help you build it: Pick the location Even if don’t have a ton of room in your house, you should still be able to carve out a little of it for your man cave. This could include using your basement, attic, or garage. If none of those are doable, get creative. Maybe you have an old shed that could work. Even a sizable closet could act as a mini-man cave. Decide how you want to use it What do you want your man cave [...]

Supplemental HVAC in a Restaurant: The Ductless Mini Split Solution

Ductless mini split systems balance the comfort and needs of your kitchen staff and diners It's estimated that restaurants use about 2.5 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings – with most of the additional energy usage going to HVAC. Restaurants also have a difficult time balancing heating and cooling needs because of what’s going on in the kitchen. It’s why ductless mini split systems have been used in bars and restaurants for much longer than their current popular demand for residences. These supplemental systems allow for precise temperature control. This is especially true for restaurants that move into existing spaces that were not originally built to accommodate the special HVAC needs of a commercial kitchen. Taking the heat Restaurant kitchen exhaust systems are powerful air movers, often removing thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. When that air is removed, it’s got to be replaced [...]

Ductless Mini Splits for an Add-on to the House

There’s crucial additional infrastructure that’ll be necessary to heat and cool this new space – especially if your plan is to go with the traditional method of central air conditioning and heating. Not so fast! All those cable home renovation programs make it seem easier than it really is to put up an addition on your home. It’s not their intention to misguide you. After all, they’ve only got 30 minutes for the show. You may have heard that a famous husband and wife team with a popular home renovation show was recently fined by the E.P.A.’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. The settlement wasn’t necessarily a result of wrongdoing – but more of a way to acknowledge the importance of informing and educating the public about safety. And from a heating and air conditioning perspective, what’s the one big thing these shows tend to gloss over or even [...]

Why Your Dream Home Could Use Some Ductless Mini Splits

From faster completion to a boon for your budget, 6 reasons mini splits are a better choice for new construction Lower costs. Whisper quiet. Energy efficient. Personalized comfort control. For these reasons and more, Americans are increasingly choosing ductless mini-split HVAC systems for their new home construction projects. Long dominant in the European and Asian markets, mini splits are emerging as a leader in the HVAC category in the U.S. because of their impressive efficiency ratings and ability to customize the comfort of every room in a home. The U.S. mini-split market grew by 13 percent between 2015 and 2017, according to a Contractor magazine report. And it’s expected to continue to surge as Americans demand environmentally-friendly construction options that are just as friendly to their budgets. The federal government’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures how efficiently an HVAC system will operate over an entire season. Conventional central air [...]

Payment and Financing Options for Ductless Mini Splits

Learn about the many ways to afford your new system This is the time of year when people really start thinking about their air conditioners. And if your system is old or worn out, it is likely something you can’t stop thinking about. Instead of sweating in your home or cranking up that faltering AC, it’s time for a change. A ductless mini split could be your best option, as it is more efficient than a system that utilizes ducts, thereby saving you money in the long run. Speaking of money, how much does one of these ductless systems cost? There are a lot of factors that go into answering this question, including the square footage of the room it will be in, the brand, how many zones (and air handlers) you require, and the features you want it to have. Check out our comprehensive cost guide. Overall, prices usually [...]

All About Waterfall Heating and Cooling

Your heating and cooling systems should deposit hot or cold air where it’ll be the most effective Your central air conditioning system isn’t breaking the law, but it’s certainly not using the laws of thermodynamics to be more efficient. Conventional central heating and cooling systems are installed to cool every room in your home equally. The comfort comes at the expense of large energy consumption. In contrast, ductless mini splits cool or heat only the rooms that need climate control – and they distribute air more efficiently. The energy savings are considerable. Just the air ducts throughout a house can decrease heating and cooling energy efficiency by up to 30% due to leaks and loss. Let’s explore the basic characteristics of hot and cold to explain how ductless mini split systems leverage efficient waterfall heating and cooling. Remember your science class? Even if you weren’t paying that much attention, you [...]

The Remote is the Thermostat

How a ductless mini split provides the utmost convenience, control, and comfort It’s sort of funny how things that were considered state-of-the-art quickly turn into museum pieces. Phones are a great example of this. Over the last few decades, we have gone from landlines to giant, clunky cell phones to flip phones to smartphones. And even the earliest smartphones now look old to us; that’s how fast technology evolves. Most of us eventually adapt to the latest changes. But this is not always the case. It is possible that right at this minute your home has something in it that a time traveler from 1988 would have no problem recognizing: your thermostat for a central HVAC system. While you may have upgraded to a digital model from that round one that looked like a dial, it’s pretty much the same thing. Going wireless Just as phones have cut their cords, [...]

This is How Much Square Footage a Ductless Mini Split Covers

All air conditioning systems – including ductless mini splits – are built in specific sizes that equate to square footage. You’re going for the ductless mini split. Excellent choice, by the way. These systems are as energy efficient as they are practical. The savings you’ll pull back in operating costs and lower maintenance means you’re set to make a smart investment. The top question asked about these systems is, “How much square footage can this unit handle?” To make the correct choice, you need to arm yourself with some basic AC information. It’s not exactly the size of the unit that matters. It’s the capacity. Here’s what you need to know. There is such a thing as too big More capacity is a good thing, right? With air conditioners of any kind, that’s an incorrect assumption. You’re actually creating an inefficient situation if you install an oversized air conditioner – [...]

The Pros and Cons of Ducted vs. Ductless HVAC Systems

Learn about each to figure out which is right for your home Most of us are creatures of habit. We get set in our ways and beliefs and do the same things over and over, even if there are better options. Air conditioning and heating in the U.S. is the perfect example of this. What do you picture when you think of it? Probably a big HVAC in the backyard that blows cool air through your ducts. And while it’s the most common set-up, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. If you’re looking for a new HVAC system, you should check out everything that’s available, including ductless mini split systems. Let’s examine the pros and cons of ducted and ductless options so you can make the best decision: The pros of a ducted central air system Pro: Centralized control A central AC system couldn’t be easier to use. [...]

Why Ductless Mini Splits are More Efficient Than Ducted Air Conditioning

Lower your utility bill – and your carbon footprint – with this energy-saving HVAC system Heating and cooling account for nearly half the energy use in a typical home – making it the largest energy expense. And as the summer months approach with a promise of higher electric bills, an energy-efficient air conditioning system popular overseas is taking hold in the U.S. Traditional central air conditioning systems force individuals to take a one-size-fits-all approach to heating and cooling their homes. Ductless mini split HVAC units give them the opportunity to improve comfort and energy efficiency through temperature zoning, a climate control approach that allows you to only heat or cool the space you are using – instead of wasting money and energy on the entire house at once. A separate thermostat or remote controller allows you to set different temperatures in different areas– making it possible to meet everyone’s comfort [...]