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The US is Catching Up With the Rest of the World: The Trend Toward Ductless Mini Split Systems

Adoption rates increase as the public discovers the energy efficiency offered by this technology Two years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy published a report, “The Future of Air Conditioning for Buildings.” Its authors wrote that ductless split systems are commonplace nearly everywhere in the world except for the United States, where ducted systems dominate the residential market. The report goes on to say that while ductless mini split systems have a small – but growing – share of the North American market in terms of sales, they’re the predominant revenue source for manufacturers throughout the rest of the world. What does the rest of the planet know about ductless mini split systems that the US has been missing out on? The US plays catch-up The Department of Energy’s report notes that ductless mini split systems use inverter-driven variable-speed compressors and fans – technologies that greatly increase efficiency. New technology [...]

America’s Demand for Ductless Mini Split Systems is Growing

Sales of ductless mini split systems are growing at an exponential rate Ductless mini split systems are being featured all over home improvement and DIY cable channels lately. You may have even missed them because of their unobtrusive design, but they’re not hard to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Does seeing the systems more on TV reflect a wider upswing in popularity? Well, yes. The growing trend toward ductless Starting in 2007, ductless mini split systems began gaining traction in the HVAC world. Oil and Energy Online stated that from 2007-2014, the US growth rate for these revolutionary systems hit 221 percent. This comes as no surprise, as ductless set-ups offer consumers increased energy savings and a greener option than other HVAC systems on the market. In 2015, more ductless options and features were introduced to the public, bringing even-better alternatives for heating and cooling a home [...]

The Hottest Trend in Keeping You Cool: Air Conditioners Without Ducts

Keeping your home’s temperature comfortable in all seasons Summer has left but the heat has not. Forecasters expect the heat and humidity to persist well into the fall, which means that your air conditioning is going to be blasting an arctic wind for a while longer. As soon as you get used to pumping cold air, the weather changes and winter comes. Freezing temperatures right after a hot autumn mean a sudden change for your air conditioning unit without a break in sight. For most, that means a hefty electric bill, possibly a few breakdowns and repairs, and a larger carbon footprint. And with more extreme weather patterns being projected, it stands to reason that this could continue to worsen. These trends have prompted a series of Department of Energy regulations involving HVAC systems, with the intent to curb these negative outputs. But the best way to meet and beat [...]

What’s So Cool About Smart HVAC Systems?

The smart thermostat and the Internet of Things could make our homes and workplaces more energy efficient and easier to maintain Imagine an HVAC system that can “talk” to your entertainment system, creating an atmosphere that enhances the movie you are watching. Or consider how much more comfortable parties would be if your heating and cooling system could sense the average temperature of everyone in the room – and adjust accordingly for maximum comfort. Or think about how uncomfortable it is to walk into a stifling, hot house after a long day of work – and how much better it would be if you could simply use your smartphone to cool your home to the perfect temperature as you are leaving your office. The Internet of Things (IoT) may be set to revolutionize the HVAC industry. Smart technologies are available or on the horizon that wasn’t even dreamed about a [...]

The Utility Costs of Standby

How your appliances are costing you much more money than you probably realize Think about how many things you have plugged into outlets in your home. If you’re like most people, this probably consists of TVs, computers, appliances, and several other items. And even if most of them are currently not on, you may be surprised to learn that they still consume energy. This is because many of them operate in standby mode. What is standby mode? Many electrical devices in your home are basically sitting and waiting for you to use them. This is why things come on so quickly; when you push the power button on your remote, your TV or DVD player responds immediately. And while convenient, standby mode wastes quite a bit of energy. According to Energy.gov, standby power uses 5 to 10 percent of all power consumed in homes the U.S. How much is this [...]

Steps to Install a Ductless Mini Split

These 9 steps help ensure a better ductless mini split installation Most homeowners turn to a professional to install a ductless mini-split HVAC system. But mini splits are much easier to install than traditional systems, and if you have experience with plumbing and minor electrical work – and you enjoy working around your home – it’s possible to tackle the majority of this project yourself. That said, we always recommend going with a professional installation, both to guarantee it’s done properly and because of the self-installs void the manufacturer warranty. Let’s repeat that, as it’s important: Failure to use a licensed HVAC technician to do the install will VOID THE WARRANTY — and manufacturer tech support will likely not even talk to you to troubleshoot or provide other support. Plus, due to safety concerns and laws about the handling of refrigerant – and special tools needed – the completion of [...]

3 Questions for Your Ductless Mini Split System Installer

To ensure compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty, it’s best to hire a professional heating and cooling contractor to install your system. Make sure they can answer these critical questions. Ductless mini split systems are gaining momentum in the United States because of their superior efficiency, area-specific cooling and heating ability, and relatively easy installation. Still, mini split manufacturers strongly recommend hiring a professional heating and cooling contractor to install their systems. Doing it yourself not only voids manufacturer warranties from companies like Gree and Mitsubishi, but subpar performance due to a bad installation could reduce your unit’s efficiency by as much as 50 percent. In a bid to save money up front, in other words, some do-it-yourselfers could cheat themselves out of the very long-term savings they seek. Professional installation also ensures that your ductless mini split system meets local electrical and plumbing codes. If you’ve decided to go with [...]

10 Essential Steps to Finishing a Basement

Go from ugly to unbelievable in almost no time at all The basement is typically the most under-utilized room in a house. Think about how you use yours right now. While it may contain a workbench or refrigerator, it might just be little more than an enormous junk drawer. It’s dark, dank, and dirty, which is why you may not even go down there very often. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, there are ways to transform your basement into one of the best parts of your home. To do this, these are the steps to follow: Make a plan It’s easy to just say you want to finish your basement, but what this means can be different for everybody. Thinking about how you want to use it – such as for a game room, extra living room, or maybe even a movie theater – can [...]

How to Keep Your Ductless Mini Split Running Smoothly

Regularly conducting these 7 steps could go a long way toward keeping your system operating at peak efficiency American homeowners are quickly realizing what the rest of the world already knows: ductless mini splits are one of the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC options. But keeping your system running as good as new requires a little tender loving care. Failing to keep your mini split clean and perform consistent maintenance can shorten its lifespan and significantly impact its performance. While it’s important to have an HVAC professional service your system every year, here are some simple steps you can take on your own to keep your mini split functioning properly. Shut it down. Before you begin any maintenance activities, it’s essential that you turn off the indoor air handling unit and the circuit switch for the outside unit. This step is key for preventing injuries or electric shock to you, as [...]

How to Prepare for a Ductless Mini Split Installation

Answer these 5 questions to find the perfect system for your home Congratulations! If you’ve made the decision to install a ductless mini-split in your home, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency, lower electric bills, and personalized comfort that it offers. Long dominant in the European and Asian markets, ductless mini splits are emerging as a leader in the HVAC category in the U.S. as awareness grows of their whisper quiet operation, subtle footprint, impressive efficiency ratings, and ability to customize the comfort of every room in a home. Before installation begins, there are a few decisions to make to ensure that the mini split you choose is the perfect fit for your home. Answer the following questions and you will be ready to install your mini-split How many zones? Ductless mini splits enable homeowners to improve comfort and energy efficiency through home temperature zoning, a [...]