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Central Air Conditioner Alternatives

When the summer heat hits its peak, who wouldn’t love the comfort of a centrally air conditioned home? It’s like a life-saver for many, especially those who live in a hotter part of the country. In the South, for instance, the Energy Department says 85% of homes use centralized air conditioning system. And 90% of new houses today are installed with this type of home HVAC solution. That’s how popular central air system is. The thing is, it’s like everyone’s go-to cooling solution, outside room air conditioners of course. But what if you learn that some alternatives to central air are available? To help you learn about the best alternative to your centralized AC system, this article aims to answer the following key questions: 1. What are the common concerns related to centralized air conditioning system? 2. Why do you need to substitute central air system with a better solution? [...]

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Best Air Conditioner for a Dog House?

Air conditioner for your pooch’s home? Think about it! Well, why not? Mind you, we’re not talking here about those cutesy showpiece little pooch homes that are nothing more than backyard baubles or a garden gimcrack. What we mean is a real dog house where a real dog lives. Alright we know that most dogs now live indoors with the owners, but it’s not always the case. And even if it is, our furry friends have to occasionally go out and wander around in the backyard because, well, they just do. And after what seemingly an endless episode of running, and chasing, and playing, and knocking over pots and stuff, they come to you on a very hot day with their tongues out panting and gasping for air. The signs are hard to see most of the time, but notice how their bodies shake a little bit and how their [...]

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The Right Air Conditioner for Your Shed

Amidst the growing demand for personal space, mounting attention to outdoor living, and the increasing need to escape from the hubbub and drudgeries of daily life, more and more people are looking for a place to relax and recharge. But it seems that we need not look far. Home improvement is going outdoors; right in the backyard. With home space becoming more valuable than ever, backyard sheds have been getting a lot of second looks. And well, a range of retrofit activities, as a matter of fact. Repurposed sheds are popping up in many backyards and it is a fad that has been going on for many years now. Across the country, many sheds today are turned into a multi-purpose facility—transformed from being a mere storage place into a new livable space where you can practically do anything. Modern sheds have become a home office, hobby hub, art studio, reading [...]

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Man Cave Cooling & Heating

If you have one, then you know how that little space keeps you at peace, sane, and balanced; a place of your own where you can sneak in anytime, and the wife and kids can’t just barge in; a place where the fridge is full of beer and the game is always on. That’s right, a man cave. How cool does that sound? Basically, a little sanctuary where all of your fave stuff is in their right place—probably some of your old mementos in the wall, big HD TV for your dose of viewing entertainment (hello Super Bowl Sunday), a kegerator or a dry bar, a handy little kitchen, a comfy couch, some of your computer stuff and video games, and maybe even a comfortable bed so you’d not have to trudge back upstairs or downstairs when you feel like dosing off. As is often said, men will be men, [...]

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LG Single Zone Ductless Air Conditioner Review

LG duct-free cooling and heating systems for a single-zone application are among those with the highest rated performance and efficiencies in the market today. LG single-zone units comprise of four types of systems with varying styles, designs, and capacities. These solutions include the following:   The stylish, highly-efficient, and powerful high-wall, duct-free Art Cool™ systems that consist of Art Cool™ Gallery, Art Cool™ Premier, and Art Cool™ Mirror. Advanced and innovative, these cooling/heating systems are available a range of finishes that include a customizable picture area that enables you to place an artwork or photo. Powered by variable speed compressor, these units practically change the way indoor units are designed—aesthetic-wise. In terms of capacity and efficiency, LG Art Cool™ models are available up to 24,000 Btu/h and have efficiency ratings of up to 28 SEER. The elegant but highly economical Mega Inverter high wall duct-free units that are available up [...]

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Through the Wall Air Conditioner Reviews

If air conditioning has always been a big part of your perso nal comfort at home, then you are most likely familiar with through-the-wall air conditioners. And even used one. Or still using one. Well, who haven’t, anyway? You’ve seen them dotting all types of houses—an unmistakable sight of a metal box mounted in the wall of many single-family residences, duplex homes, town-homes, apartment buildings, condos, cabins, and even mobile homes across the country.   Yes, through-the-wall air conditioners are as ubiquitous as they could get. And they stood the test of time. And aesthetic taste. Through-the-wall AC systems have been a familiar fixture of American homes since the mid-70s, although we can trace the early usage farther back as early-30s; those days when it was first installed in big-city stores, banks, movie houses, and government buildings. When air conditioners finally made a splash in residential facilities, they have made [...]

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3 Zone Ductless Air Conditioner

With its versatile approach in space cooling and heating, it is not surprising to see ductless mini split systems gaining wider acceptance across all segments of the HVAC consumers. In the residential sector, ductless system has presented new possibilities that essentially break the barriers in home cooling and heating that are previously deemed insurmountable, if not costly. Unviability of installation, impracticality of extending ductwork, and high-priced application are just a few that come to mind. Already a great system for single-room cooling and heating, ductless mini split takes it a notch higher when it delivers innovative ways for whole-home climate control. To give you an idea how a ductless mini split system can effectively give you the freedom to have control over your temperature comfort at home, this article will be discussing how this innovative system excellently applies to a tri-zone configuration. If you have three rooms at home that [...]

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner vs Window Air Conditioner

We all come to a point when choosing the right air conditioner becomes a matter of necessity. Like what should you buy—a window air conditioner or a ductless mini split system? For most of us, it’s not necessarily because we want to, but because we have to. Quite often, because the reason is blindingly obvious—we all want to avoid the oppressive heat of summer or the blistering cold of winter. Window AC Versus Ductless Mini Split System Window Air Conditioner Ductless Mini Split Energy-efficiency Low High Flexibility Average High Operational Performance Average High System Cost Low High Installation Cost Low High Accessories Cost Low Average And what is the best course of action? Simple; get our acts together and get the right cooling and heating solution. But keep this in mind: before you go out looking for that best-for-your-comfort, perfect-on-budget, and real-life-saver new air-conditioner, never lose sight of the fact that [...]

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Ductless Air Conditioner for the Whole House

Is your energy-hog central air conditioner starting to hurt your finances? Is your home cooling unit making you lose your cool due to uneven temperature? Guess what? When it comes to whole-home cooling and heating, you’re not alone aching for a better solution. And there’s no better solution than having an alternative system. Because let’s face it; despite practically dominating the residential HVAC market for many years, the centralized air conditioning system has long been found wanting. The thing is, central air system is no longer measuring up to our expectations. To just be able to cool our home has long ceased as the main goal. As cooling and heating challenges at home evolve, more households seek for better consistenc y and flexibility. And with the impact of a still-sluggish economy consistently creeping into family budget, the last thing that you’d want is a stubbornly high electricity bills. But what [...]

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Air Conditioner Without Ducts?

Did you know that more than 326 million of Americans consume more energy for their air conditioning needs than the rest of the population in the world? Air conditioners have been a standard equipment in most homes in the country, yet there’s still an ongoing need for better, more efficient system. Through its Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), the United States Energy Information Administration reports that as of 2009, at least 87 percent of homes in the country use air conditioners. If another survey is conducted today, you can only imagine how that figure increases in view of the continued rise in the use of air conditioning systems in the United States. If you ask the Department of Energy, that would be 2/3 of American households, costing homeowner $29 billion dollar a year and at least $11 billion dollars in power costs annually. Let’s face it—the traditional cooling and heating [...]

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