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Four Benefits of Using Carbontec Heating

Even though it has been around for centuries, radiant heating is sweeping the nation as a “new” way to efficiently heat and cool your home. In short, it uses infrared heating to heat the objects in the room rather than the air in the room. The heat from the objects, walls and ceiling is then transferred to the occupants in the room to equalize their temperature and thermal comfort, which is your body’s assessment of the external environment’s temperature. Carbontec is the industry’s gold standard for radiant heating with a variety of advantages over its competitors. Read below to learn more about the many benefits of Carbontec heating. Efficiency One of the main benefits of Carbontec is its high level of efficiency relative to other heating and cooling methods. Carbontec’s heating efficiency is 2.5-3 times faster than conventional systems, such as gas-powered models. Central HVAC systems with comprehensive ductwork are [...]

Panasonic Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Review

Ductless system is like a newly-packaged, super-upgraded version of anything designed for single-room and whole-home cooling and heating. With the way it has created opportunities to resolve the many concerns related to traditional air conditioning systems, the innovative ductless mini split system has no doubt excited the HVAC world and changed the way we experience comfort. Here’s a thing about ductless mini splits: More than getting rid of the bulky and costly ductwork that make traditional systems less effective than intended and less efficient than imagined, ductless mini splits made possible what everyone aspired for in a home space cooling and heating system—effective, powerful, versatile, efficient, and cost-saving HVAC system. Now, imagine something better. A ductless system that offers “a lot more”; something that reinvents what is already a great solution. Driven by the goal to keep things greater that it already is, Panasonic unveils its array of powerful ductless [...]

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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

If you have a traditional air conditioning system at home, then there’s a big chance that you experience having areas with an insufficient airflow and spaces where there’s too much conditioned air being distributed. This problem pertains to the typical hot spot and cold spot issues that are common to houses where a centralized air conditioning unit for instance, has a lot of spaces to cover. Yes, you can dial the thermostat and set a specific degree of temperature, but the truth is, you don’t really have control over the amount of airflow that comes out of the vents in each room in the house. As a result, there are rooms that are often too cold and rooms that are often too hot. Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solution MR. SLIM CITY MULTI ® MODEL NAME M-SERIES P-SERIES S-SERIES Ideal Applications Light commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities Small-large office; Server room; [...]

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Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews

As the demand for cold runs proportionate with the socio-ecological realities, like the rising mercury level impacting the balance between urbanized lifestyle on one hand and ecological preservation on the other hand, the choice of the right air conditioning system underpins the challenges related to air conditioning system that’s now an integral part of modern life. Nowhere this is more evident than in the United States where three-quarters of the household population use an air conditioner. From 1993 until 2009, according to the US Energy Department citing a figure from a survey, the percentage of American households that use air conditioners significantly rose from 68% to 87%, a staggering figure that reveals the extent of widespread use of AC in the country. Now just imagine that figure growing exponentially over the years. Of course, you can safely bet on a much higher percentage today. The agency, likewise, determines the type [...]

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Friedrich Air Conditioner Review

Sometimes, finding the best air conditioner for your own unique needs is not as easy as you’d expect. You’d have to admit that the plethora of options and the availability of many sources are a little bit overwhelming. But remember that getting the right system is not always about getting the most expensive, the most advanced, and the most powerful; it’s about finding the most perfectly fit to your needs and requirements. As today’s climate gets harsher than ever, it is very important to be able to find the right cooling or heating solution that will give you consistent and uncompromising temperature comfort and significant energy-savings. Out of the many excellent systems available out there, among your best options are the easy-to-use, simple-to-operate, but highly efficient systems from Friedrich Air Conditioning Company. For commercial and residential use, two of the best and unique systems from Friedrich are the Uni-Fit® and [...]

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How Much Does a Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner Cost?

Planning to replace your old room air conditioner? Or maybe augment your existing centralized air conditioning unit? If you’ve been busy looking for the most ideal system, then you must have already heard about ductless mini split system. And while whittling down some options, we’ll assume that you must have already seen at least a few of Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split units. If not, then it might serve you best to consider taking a second look. Among the current generation of mini split systems, Mitsubishi ductless units are among the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, and highly energy efficient systems. But while comfort and system capabilities are important, cost practically remains one of the major influencing factors in your purchasing decision. In this article, we’ll explore the cost aspects of owning a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system. The aim is to give you an idea how much you can expect [...]

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