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A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Ductless Air Conditioner

When it comes to making your home as comfortable as it could possibly be, the temperature is a massive consideration. In order for you to enjoy your space, it needs to be properly heated in the winter and cooled in the summer or you’ll find yourself uncomfortable a good portion of the time. While most cold-climate homes are equipped with heating, many homeowners go without air conditioning when the temps are sweltering. This is a quandary for many since a properly cooled home equates to better sleep, improved focus, and overall better quality of life. A ductless air conditioning system may be the answer. Is a Ductless System Right for Me? Ductless air conditioners, also known as mini-split systems and ductless systems, are often installed as alternatives to typical central air systems (which require ducts) in homes where there is no installed ductwork. Typically, this means older homes that were [...]

8 Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

Need to cool down your space? As you’re weighing your options, you’ll discover that ductless cooling is a surprisingly viable option for many homes. No matter if you’re introducing cooling to a home without an existing system or are looking for smart, new ways to make your home more efficient, taking a good look at the latest cutting-edge ductless air conditioner systems will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the main benefits of ductless air conditioning: 1. Adaptable: They Require No Ductwork – The biggest advantage of ductless air conditioning is the most obvious: it doesn’t require installation of complex, costly ducts associated with typical whole-home cooling. This makes permanent space cooling systems possible in homes that were built before ductwork became the norm. It also eliminates many of the energy efficiencies associated with regular ducts. 2. Adjustable: They Offer Room-by-Room Cooling Control – Another massive pro [...]

COP – Why is it Important?

Your cooling and heating system normally account for much of your energy consumption at home. The amount of energy that you consume has a great impact on your electricity bills. So when you’re buying a new system, consider the fact that the efficiency level of the unit that you purchased will determine the amount of money that you’re going to lose or save in the long-term. All air conditioners and heat pumps come with specific energy-efficiency ratings. These help you measure, calculate, and determine the energy-efficiency of the unit. One of these energy-efficiency performance ratings is the so-called Coefficient of Performance (COP). In formula, the Coeffient of Performance is the ratio of the power output to the power input of the system. It could be written as:   One thing to remember is that the Coefficient Performance helps you determine the efficiency of a system, especially if you’re purchasing a [...]

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PTAC Air Conditioner Review

As air conditioning challenges continue to evolve and develop as a real concern to stakeholders of various industries—from hospitality establishments to healthcare facilities, and even residential buildings—the quest to find the most effective cooling and heating system becomes more significant than ever. At the core of these basic concerns rest the need for a powerful, energy-efficient, and operationally flexible air conditioning system that ensures the best level of comfort and the highest amount of savings. Across many industries, you can’t overemphasize the significance of this endeavor. For hospitality businesses, for example, like hotels and lodgings of various sizes, it’s all about providing the maximum comfort for guests. For business offices, it’s about creating a perfectly conducive environment that can help spike productivity. For residential buildings, such as dorms, apartments, and condominiums, it’s about maximizing utilities while ensuring comfort for tenants. And for healthcare establishments, for instance, such as hospitals, clinics, [...]

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Window Air Conditioner Alternatives

Let’s face it, window air conditioners, despite being widely used and proven, do not always meet our expectations. In view of a whole range of cooling and efficiency issues that are associated with window air conditioners, it seems very hard not to consider jumping the gun for replacement. But it is understandable. Like most traditional air conditioning systems, window air conditioners are not designed to tackle the constantly evolving cooling demands and efficiency requirements that we grapple with today. If you own a decade-old window air conditioner that has become clunky and totally energy-hog, then decision to replace the system would be very easy. But this is not always the case. To the detriment of many of us, we wait until it breaks down before we even consider looking for a replacement. But hear this: You don’t have to endure getting inadequate cooling comfort and continuously paying high electricity just [...]

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Spot Cooler Uses and Benefits

While traditional air conditioners remain the most widely used solutions to cool spaces, these systems—such as centralized AC units and room air conditioners—do not always fit to all applications and hardly meet complex cooling demands. It doesn’t matter whether the environment that requires cooling is a home, office, commercial property, industrial facility, or any other type of environment. Most of the time, typical constraints, like installation issues, budgetary limitations, building regulations, inadequacy of spaces, and even personal preferences and requirements hold back efforts to set up an effective and efficiently running indoor climate control system. Take for example the prevalent conditions at home where homeowners are hard-pressed to cool a garage or room addition due to the unfeasibility of connecting the existing HVAC system or the impracticality of extending the ductwork. Or in the case of rented properties, just imagine the frustration of many for not being able to install [...]

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Multiple Room Air Conditioner, Your Best Option

When it comes to cooling and heating solutions—whether at home, in a commercial establishment, or in an institutional facility—unbalanced temperature is one of the biggest challenges. With the lack of options, it has become common for many of these types of environments to have some areas that are not cool enough or warm enough. Thus, it is not surprising that most homes have one or two rooms that are rarely used because the climate inside are either intolerably hot or unbearably cold. If you are using a centralized air conditioning and heat pump system, for example, you are almost powerless over these hot spots and cold spots. And the worst part is, you have no means of controlling the energy that the problematic areas consume. You might as well imagine the airflow that comes out of the vents inside these rooms as wasted energies that would just keep padding your [...]

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Ventless Air Conditioner or Ductless AC?

Summer is upon us, and when the temperature starts to hit 90°F and upwards, nothing’s going to beat the comfort of a cool home where you can comfortably slouch on your cozy couch and just be totally unmindful of the sweltering world outside. Thanks to the air conditioning system, of course. But then, talking about enjoying indoor comfort dredges up some cooling cost issues and other practical concerns. Well, you don’t need too much imagery here, but for the fun of it you can try to imagine your dear old air conditioner chowing down electricity every time it gets cranked up and down. Okay, anthromorposizing a mechanical device like an AC may be a bit weird, but you get the idea. Air Conditioning Systems Comparison Tranditional AC vs Ventless Portable AC vs Ductless Mini Split System Tranditional AC Systems Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Ductless Mini Split System Upfront Cost Low [...]

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LG Wall Air Conditioner Review

Let’s say you want to convert a specific room as a new, livable space by installing a new cooling/heating system. Now, let’s suppose that this area has 450 square footage or 18x25 feet, totally detached from the main house, and way out of the path of your existing ductwork. Right, you can imagine a garage, or maybe a room addition. For this particular space, all it requires is a decent system; something that’s not too expensive but powerful enough to keep you cool even during the hottest days of summer. So, what’s your best bet? Some would say a portable unit; a window air conditioner; or maybe a ductless mini split system, which could be an excellent choice—and very efficient, too. Then again, despite their amazing qualities, portable, window, and ductless systems are not the only available options for a single-room cooling. What if you’re not ready to pay a [...]

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What is EER and Why it Matters?

Your air conditioner accounts for much of your energy consumption at home. How much energy your unit consumes has a greater impact on your utility bills. So, when you’re out shopping for a new air conditioner, energy-efficiency should be a major influencing factor in your purchasing decision. Energy-efficiency pertains to the capability of your air conditioner to achieve the maximum cooling comfort with a lesser amount of energy used. One way to know the energy-efficiency of a system is by looking at the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). It is one of the standard system performance ratings used in the HVAC industry to calculate, measure, and express the energy-efficiency of an air conditioner. What is EER? Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), also commonly expressed as Energy Efficiency Rating, gives you an insight about how much cooling capacity the unit provides from a specific amount of energy used. Every air conditioner is assigned [...]

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