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ComfortUp vs. eComfort

Similar names, different philosophies

You might get tripped up by the sound-alike names, but that’s where the similarity ends. ComfortUp and eComfort have very different approaches to providing customers with air conditioning solutions to heat and cool homes and offices.

There’s nothing wrong with casting a wide net to catch customers, and that’s the approach eComfort takes. They’ll sell you a shower drain if you need one. ComfortUp, on the other hand, prefers to keep a tight focus only on heating and cooling systems, along with selected air quality products that enable a more comfortable and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Brands and products

A visit to the eComfort website can be a little overwhelming if your search is for a ductless mini split system. You’ll find them, but your choices may be nestled among everything from shower tiles and tankless water heaters, to small appliances like wine coolers. The number of options you have to choose from is almost ridiculously large.

In contrast, ComfortUp sticks to a core offering of indoor environmental comfort systems by GREE, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Boreal, LG, and JMF. ComfortUp features these brands because they are considered to be some of the best names in the business. It’s a philosophy of focus, and customers have shown their approval. ComfortUp has racked up 544 reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressive 81% rewarding the company with an “Excellent” rating.


Replacing or upgrading the heating and cooling in your home or office can be a substantial investment. Prospective buyers want to soak up as much information as possible about the pros and cons of these products and their manufacturers. ComfortUp and eComfort both feature articles to assist in that effort – but there’s a distinctive difference in approach.

eComfort offers blog posts that answer simple questions, divided into four sections. You’ll find buyer’s guides, how-to tips, recommendations, and customer support. Keep in mind, though, that eComfort will sell you everything from a wine cooler to a towel warmer. Articles tend to be general, likely because there are so many products.

ComfortUp is more interested in making sure you have access to a wide-ranging library of educational information about their focused products. The company hosts it on a special site. These articles highlight product features and explain the technology and – more importantly – how these features and technologies reduce the cost of cooling and heating your home with super-efficient ductless mini split systems.

Be prepared to wade through dozens of articles explaining every aspect of ductless mini splits: their cost, the square footage they cover, their environmental impact, how to install them, how they compare to ducted units, and more.

Ductless mini splits

eComfort sells ductless mini splits, but they’re just one of the products available on the website. ComfortUp’s focus on ductless mini split systems makes the company a source of comprehensive information about these products that eComfort simply cannot match. Recent reviews point out that ComfortUp representatives are knowledgeable and helpful making sure the right model selections get made.

There’s a reason for this concentrated effort. Ductless mini splits are superior to traditional ducted HVAC systems. They are extremely energy efficient and offer year-round comfort with dramatically lower operating costs. Many models feature “smart” technology such as Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning that you can control them with your smartphone. Replacing older HVAC systems is less of a hassle because these units render all those ducts in your attic and in between floors obsolete. They also can be used to supplement existing HVAC systems that can’t be expanded. Often, a ductless mini split system is the most logical choice to add comfort to home additions, or even a garage converted to a man-cave.

The benefit of specialization

ComfortUp makes no apologies for keeping their eye on the ductless mini split system ball. The specialization puts them ahead of the competition because of their deep knowledge about the technology and abilities of this successor to traditional ducted HVAC systems.

If you’re curious about ductless mini split systems – or you’re in the market to buy one – doesn’t it make sense to find a source that concentrates on this product as the solution they sell? You’ll be getting advice and making a purchase decision guided by experts. Learn more from the experts.