Gree Mini Split System’s WIFI Capability

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Gree Mini Split System’s WIFI Capability

WIFI extends control of your Gree mini-split system to anywhere there’s an Internet connection

The Gree mini split system’s WIFI capability makes your life even more comfortable. Several of Gree’s mini split systems now have built-in connectivity, and nearly all have the ability to be upgraded with the company’s universal WIFI kit.

The good news is that you’ll have even greater access over your system’s environmental controls. The bad news is that you’ll have to come up with a better excuse than blaming the dog or cat for changing the thermostat – and that’s exactly who got the blame by at least 3% of the customers who took Florida Power & Light Company’s survey.

What WIFI does for your Gree mini split

All Gree mini split systems come with remotes that give you control over every feature – but like nearly all remote control systems, proximity is key. That’s the beauty of Gree’s WIFI capability. You could literally control your mini split system from anywhere.

The Gree+ app – which is available from Apple and Google – gives you access to your Gree mini split by turning your smartphone into another remote control that doesn’t care about range. You’ll be able to select from the five operating modes (Auto/Cool/Dry/Fan/Heat) and adjust the temperature setting. The basic controls are expected – but the Gree+ app goes way beyond.

It gives you access to a group of special functions that give you even more control over environmental comfort. If you live in a humid area, you’ll be able to activate the X-Fan Mode, which prompts the indoor air handler’s fan to remove additional moisture from the coil.

Your Gree mini split has a heat pump, making it capable of both heating and cooling rooms. With WIFI control, you can activate the system’s freeze guard system. This ensures that the system will keep the temperature above 46 degrees – a safety feature you can activate no matter where you are.

Controlling your Gree system from the Gree+ smartphone app makes it possible to use any of the functions available by the shorter-range remote control. So, you can activate or modify any of the sleep modes with your mobile device by your side – even if the remote is elsewhere in the house. Think of it as the ultimate remote control that can be used anywhere, as long as you have internet connectivity.

Adding the Gree+ app to your phone

Setup is simply a matter of downloading the app and registering your Gree mini split unit with the Gree Universal WIFI System. Depending on which Gree system you purchase, activating its WIFI capability is only a matter of pressing and holding the remote control WIFI button until the unit beeps. If your remote doesn’t have a WIFI button, just press and hold the “Mode” and “Turbo” buttons until the unit beeps. You’ll see the WIFI icon appear on the remote’s display.

Then it’s time to launch the Gree+ app on your smartphone and follow the sign-up instructions. You’ll be prompted to locate your home’s WIFI network so the Gree mini split can connect to it. Once connected, you can give each of your Gree units (up to four) in your home custom names for identification. There’s even the ability to prevent unauthorized access – just in case it really was your dog or cat that changed the thermostat.

You’ll find the Gree+ app intuitive and easy to use, extending your ability to access its smart controls to manage the system from anywhere. Download this handy PDF to learn more about the app and its operation.

WIFI integrations

WIFI control capability is a function of the inside air handling unit, and Gree’s Sapphire, Crown, and Crown+ systems come with it pre-installed. If you purchase other Gree mini split systems, such as the Viro or Livo, it’ll be necessary to install a WIFI module. Gree’s mini splits are preconfigured to accept installation of this module. Download this PDF to find out more information, as well as get module installation instructions. This PDF also includes a QR code that offers further installation and operation tips, as well as access to any app updates.

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